It is more important to have a good family than to have friends. Family can always compensate for the absence of friendship. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Despite technological advancements which has brought several negative implications on relationships, many are still family- oriented persons. Even though family has its own significance, in my opinion, it cannot always replace the need of friends.

Being surrounded by peer groups, youngsters prefer to share their problems with friends which perhaps be the primary reason for this. It is the influence of them that has a major role in moulding the character of majority of people. As a result everyone seems to share the difficulties with friends either not to worry their parents or because of the unfriendly nature of family members. Some guardians, for instance, may be strict, so that their children are likely to feel uncomfortability to discuss their problems. Thus, it is clear that in these cases, friends are more approachable than family.

Yet another reason is that companions may always be there, if someone needs to spend time with them. Some family appear to be orthodoxy that are interested in neither mingling with young generations nor going for an outing. This, for example, if they do not have friends. Such a situation revel as the importance of having friends. Hence, it is evident that friends are inevitable in certain circumstances.

Nevertheless, some consider their familiar relationship as important and they can even see that instead of friendship. But, this may not be the case of everyone. As such, they need friends as they have a lot of positively influencing factors.

Having analysed the need of friendship in the time of sharing problems as well as enjoyment, it can be concluded that having family for everything may not be possible as one has to encounter many stages in life in which friends may also be necessary.




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