2 min readNov 8, 2022

Some companies sponsor sports as a way to advertise
themselves. Some people think it is good while others
think there are in disadvantages. Discuss both views and
state your opinion.


Global sport is a multi-million dollar industry and many corporates vie one another to bag publicity by spending money for its conduct. Many are of the view that MNCs bearing the expenditure of conducting such events is
right but others argue that it has demerits. Both these contrasting viewpoints are examined in this essay before stating my opinion.

On one hand, large conglomerates sponsoring mega sports events get wide publicity of their products through
audio-visual media besides illuminated billboards and banners at the venue. To elaborate, Pepsico International has been incurring millions for organizing international cricket matches. Carbonated beverages produced by the company are not only advertised but also these are freely distributed to the participants which ensure wide acceptance for the same. Thus, such sponsoring of sports tournaments elicit media coverage to the company in particular and the game in general.

On the other hand, such companies select and support only sports events which are popular and have wide viewership. This paves the path for other regional sports and sportsmen to be ignored who find it difficult to achieve financial support and global exposure. It is in evidence on record that athletes of lesser known events either find it hard to survive or to participate in costly competitions because multinational corporates sponsor only games of high repute. Many clippings on television news channels and radio news would substantiate my
contention. Hence, it is can be stated that companies have been promoting certain sports only for their own benefit.

Having critically examined both perspectives, it is unambiguously opined that large business houses have been sponsoring sports only for self- aggrandizement. Such promotions deny opportunities for less popular sports and games; thereby many sportsmen get ignored. It is hoped that right-thinking entrepreneurs would extend support to financially weak athletes irrespective of their sport or game.


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